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Piquet Kart is an electric & gasoline Go Kart manufacturer, with production facilities in Brazil. The Miami based company specializes in providing high performance Go Karts and spare parts needed for the modern concession karting facility. Piquet Kart is a joint venture of former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet Jr. and his two partners Zack Skolnick owner of Entertainment Karting and Carlos Iaconelli owner of the international race team Piquet Sports.

About Us

Carlos Iaconelli



Chief Executive Officer

Former Formula 3, GP2 and Nascar driver

Team Owner of Piquet Sports

Zack Skolnick



Chief Marketing Officer

Former IMSA Sports Car Driver

Motorsports Entrepreneur

Nelson Piquet Jr.



Former Formula 1 & Formula E driver

Current Stockcar Brasil driver

Built by Racers for Racers

"I have been racing almost all my life. I started karting at the young age of 8 years and still do till this day to enhance my driving skills. With Piquet Kart we bring an affordable, high quality product to the market. Just wait until you drive our karts - they have handling characteristics of actual race karts!" - NELSON PIQUET JR.



We provide affordable electric and gas Go Kart solutions with great durability for the modern karting facility. Our electric engine kit is one of the best in the market offering a 30 second battery swap, which allows a non-stop use of the Go Kart. Piquet Kart provides Go Kart customization in order to meet individual track and performance needs as well as visual adaptation of the chassis.

Electric Go Kart


Electric Power

PMAC 15kW (Adult), 10kW (Jr) brushless motor with air cooling

OC to AC 48V 310A (Adult), 270A (Jr) controller with air cooling

48V battery system 20Ah/ 150A (6.5 / 8.5 kg)


Racing Time & Charging

With 20Ah batt. 20-25 min (Adult), 30-35 min (Jr) (max. power)

With 35Ah 25-30 min (max. power)

Battery replacement time 30 seconds (air cooling)

Quick Swap System

Replacement in less than 30 seconds

Fast charging 30 min (1.8kW charger)

Standard charging 60-90 min (1.0kW charger)


Speed & Acceleration

Max. speed adjustable up to 95 km/h (limited)

Acceleration from 0-60 km/h 3.5s (Adult), 4.0s (Jr)

Max. RPM 5000 / max. torque 30 Nm (Adult), 25 Nm (Jr)

Gasoline Go Kart



  • Hydraulic brakes with pressure equalizing system
  • Flat top steering wheel
  • 17 mm stub axle
  • Heavy duty bodywork
  • Customized decal kit
  • MG Tires
  • Rental kart specific chassis in special alloy 
  • super silent exhaust system
  • Belt driven 
  • 8.5L center tank
  • Triple-tube safety frame

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